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Infant Safe Sleep Initiative/ Infant Safe Sleep Public Education Campaign


  • Purpose of the campaign
  • The need - some basic stats, how NC ranks nationally
  • Involvement of interagency advisory group, evidence-based/ research-based (follows AAP guidelines)
  • Some history - started in 1994...formerly named the NC BTS Campaign but has expanded, bilingual
  • Nationally recognized by National Center for Cultural Competency (Gerogetown University) for... and State Impact Award from National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition
  • Funding over the years... DPH, 3 appropriations from NC General Assembly, CJ Foundation, BCBSNC

Main Campaign Message

  • Back to sleep positioning
  • Smoke free environment
  • Clutter-free crib
  • Room temp
  • You know the rest...


  • General/ statewide - hits many people who care for babies in addition to parents and info has changed over the years
  • Targeted: counties/ regions with highest rates, African Americans and Latinos, grandparents


  • Media - short blurb here: A strong media component raises awareness of...and reaches both prents and grandparents... (link to TV/ radio spots)
  • Educational materials - short blurb and link to catelog and/ or order form
  • Outreach - describe exhibits, presentations, other things???


Could do a very brief description and link to: HOPES, DPH, NC Child Fatality Task Force, national organizations, business partners - all the things that are currently on our web site.


Last updated: January 2010


Educational Materials

Catalog of materials



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