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What We Do

To further our efforts to reduce infant mortality and to improve the health of women and children statewide, the Foundation's activities are concentrated in four areas:

  • Public Education
    Statewide and targeted campaigns designed to increase public awareness and involvement. Includes creation and dissemination of free educational materials and use of broadcast, electronic and social media.
  • Training
    Training and technical assistance for professionals and community members in public, private or faith-based settings.
  • Advising
    Participation in statewide advisory groups and task forces; serve as a resource for policymakers.
  • Latina Health
    Identify health issues of importance to Latinas and their families, develop culturally and linguistically appropriate health resources and serve as a resource for non-Latinos who want to reach the Latino community.

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Last updated: April 2012
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2010 - 2011
Annual Report

2010-2011 Annual Report

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