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Infant Safe Sleep
SIDS and Sleep Related Infant Death in N.C.

2013 SIDS Data

In 2013, the number of infant deaths attributed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, (SIDS) was 23 - a 54% reduction from the number of deaths in 2011 and the lowest in NC's history. Starting in 2009, SIDS deaths have been dramatically decreasing from an average of 100 a year.

Until 2011, SIDS deaths were the second greatest cause of NC infant deaths and the primary cause of deaths for infants from one month to twelve months of age. In 2013, only 2.8% of all NC infant deaths were due to SIDS.

Better investigations of unexpected infant deaths; a more consistent diagnosis of SIDS and the adoption of infant safe sleep practices are contributing to fewer SIDS deaths being diagnosed. However, the number of "undetermined" sleep-related deaths has steadily increased since 2011.

In 2013, 11 infants died from accidental suffocation or strangulation in bed, down from 16 in 2012.

For more information about vital statistics or a more specific breakdown of the causes of infant death, please visit the Opens in new window NC State Center for Health Statistics.

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Last updated: October 2014


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