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Material Distribution Information for 2013

The North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation is no longer distributing educational materials.

Distribution of educational materials is being handled by the NC Division of Public Health.

To order items related to Women's Health, Folic Acid, Preconception Health, Family Planning, Pregnancy, Parenting and Infant Safe Sleep:

To order Health Check/ NC Health Choice promotional materials and applications:


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Last updated: March 2013


Non Catalog Items

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby
Opens in new window PDF version (1.85 MB)
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Plain text version
This pregnancy guide offers information on a variety of topics Healthy Hom. Healthy Babyincluding prenatal care, what to expect during labor and what your maternity rights are in North Carolina.

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby
Interactive "talking book" for expectant mothers. (see description above)
Opens in new window Audio/Video version


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