Choosing a Quality Medical Home

What is a Medical Home?

A Medical Home is a doctor’s office, clinic or health department where the staff knows you, your child and your child’s health history. It is the one place you take your child for their health care:

Choosing a quality medical home is important! You want to take your child to someone you trust, someone who respects you as
a full partner in your child’s care. Here are some questions you may want to ask. You may think of others.


  1. Do you accept my child’s health insurance?
  2. If I cannot pay what I owe, can I set up a payment plan?
  3. What are your regular office hours? What if my child needs care at night, on weekends or holidays? Do you have an advice line I can call?
  4. If I have many concerns, may I schedule a longer appointment?
  5. Will you regularly check my child’s developmental progress?
  6. How can we work together in planning my child’s care?
  7. Will you tell me about and help me contact health and community resources?
  8. How familiar are you with my child’s special health care needs?
  9. I like talking with other families who have had similar experiences. How do you use families as resources to your practice?

The Right Call Every Time. Your Medical Home. Remember you can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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