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Women's Health


It's your time to make your health a priority. Learn how to take the simple steps for a longer, healthier and happier life. This section can help you take the best steps to being healthy and having a healthy family. You will also find questions that help you think about the choices you make, and resources and ideas that can move you to action.

It's all about YOU.

Life is about choices and deciding what's best for you. If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant you need to think about what is best for baby, too. If you are not thinking about having a baby yet, but are sexually active, it is important to know that the choices you make about your body now will affect the health of children you may have in the future. Even if you never want to have children or have finished having children, making healthy lifestyle choice are important for all women that want to lead longer, healthier and happier lives.

At the end of the day, everything you do is about making choices. Sometimes you make a great choice and things work out just the way you hoped. Other times, you need to change your focus, try again or make a different choice in order to get where you want to go. That's OK. Whether it's about food, stress, relationships, smoking, alcohol or drugs, learning your options can help you make positive changes for life. And it's never too late. You can make the choice to change anytime you want. So today, give yourself the okay to place everything aside and choose YOU.

You are in charge ...
... of your life and your choices.

Are you ready? What's you plan to take charge of your health and your body?

  • What are your big plans for the future?
  • Do you feel good about your body? Are their habits you would like to change?
  • What do you do that you know is unhealthy, but need to find support to make a change?
  • Have you have a checkup recently? Do you know your health status?
  • Have you had all of your screenings and vaccinations recommended by your doctor?
  • How will you prevent an unplanned pregnancy?
  • Do you know your family health history?

Are you thinking of becoming pregnant?

  • Do you want to have children? When?
  • Do you have health problems or risk factors that could affect you or your baby?
  • Are there health problems in your family history that could affect you or your baby?
  • Are you done having children?

Let's get started together! Choose a section from the left column.

You Deserve to Live Your Best Life!

Other Links

North Carolina

Open in new window Information about nutrition during and after pregnancy.

Information about free or low-cost children's health insurance.

National The Office on Women's Health (OWH), part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), works to improve the health and sense of well-being of all U.S. women and girls. OWH serves as the focal point for women's health activities across HHS offices and agencies and leads HHS efforts to ensure that all women and girls achieve the best possible health.

Opens in new window National HIV and STD Testing Resources Web Site

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636)
TTY: 1-888-232-6348

AIDSinfo - a service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
1-877-696-6775 or 1-800-448-0440

AIDS Education and Training Centers National Resource Center

Opens in new window The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Opens in new window United States Government HIV/ AIDS Information

Opens in new window Black AIDS Institute

Opens in new window Latino Commission on AIDS

Opens in new window The Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative

For more health information, search MedlinePlus

MedlinePlus Trusted Health Information for You

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Last updated: January 2015

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More Info

My Health Journal
This publication will help you keep all of your health information updated and in one place. You can download My Health Journal in word format to your computer for personal use.
Opens in new window Word format (for download)
Opens in new window PDF version (3.98 MB)*
Opens in new window Plain text version

Keeping It Real
This 8-page brochure is packed with current information about HIV and is designed to educate and empower women.
Opens in new window PDF version (323 KB)*
Opens in new window Plain text version

Family Planning Waiver
Free reproductive health services for eligible men and women in North Carolina. This easy-to-read brochure outlines the program and eligibility requirements.
Opens in new window PDF version (585 KB)*
Opens in new window Plain text version

My Personal Health Pledge Card
Get your Great 8 Checkups!
Opens in new window PDF version (1.57 MB)*
Opens in new window Plain text version

Taking Care of Me
This self-help guide gives postpartum women practical health tips on emotional health, stress, nutrition, exercise, family planning and reproductive health, and alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
Opens in new window PDF version (488 KB)*
Opens in new window Plain text version
Note: Download time (approximate): dial-up of 56 K- approximately 1 minute; DSL - 15 seconds.

Choices: Health Matters for Women
This magazine addresses some of the tough choices women make that affect their health. Topic include: smoking, drinking, drug use, relationships, food cravings, stress and more.
Opens in new window PDF version (529 KB)*
Opens in new window Plain text version

Each item opens in a new browser window Opens in new window.

*If the PDF download time is too slow, try the plain text version. If your computer can't open the PDF version, download Opens in new windowa FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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